VACAM ANPR is multi channel License Plate Recognition software designed for identification of vehicle license plates, access control, and vehicle management.

The system operates with IP and Analog video sources based either on constant video stream or on external triggers (electrical signals, dry contacts, or video content analysis). LPR Licensing Method: license per channel. The license is generated per each video channel.


This system includes:

1. Plate recognition (LPR) on various video sources

(IP/Analog cameras, video files, still images)
2. IP/VCA/Relay trigger notifications and

pre-defined actions (storage, LPR processing)
3. Embedded image enhancement procedures
4. Multi-country license plate recognition
5. Flexible database formats support (TEXT/CSV)

and API for custom development
6. Trigger devices/relay support
7. Frame masking
8. Advanced license plate search and filtering
9. PTZ (Pan|Tilt|Zoom) control
10. Automatic video signal recovery
11. Circular storage management
12. Vehicle detection statistics
13. TCP/IP message notification based on Open API
14. Automatic Time sync.
15. Remote restart support