OEM Applications

While designed for DVE in automotive and trucking systems, our MICRO RUGGED cameras also serve a variety of other OEM segments due to their sealed package and versatile integration design:

•Security/Surveillance OEM Integrators (CCTV)

•Army & Navy (Military)

•Fire Fighting Vehicles

•Rail Transportation 


•Public Safety

•Recreation Vehicles

Industrial & Agriculture Vehicles

Get the show on the road day and night. Recognize threats before they come into sight even in harsh terrain and poor visibility.


Nothing will take the wind out of your sale while on mission or on a voyage. We will keep you aware whether to flee the danger zone or come to someone’s rescue.


Utility & Offroad Vehicles
Do not let any driving situation get you out of control. With our cameras, you will reach your destination while driving through the night, or if your windscreen is shattered by a shooting attack.


Infantry Missions

Even in a no-win battlefield situation, our Military Standard cameras will let you make it through.

A standalone battery-powered vision system needs no infrastructure providing you with the full tactical vision.

Fire Safety
On board or in the field, be on the safe side from fire hazards before they can access and cause damage. Detect heat and measure temperature with supreme sensitivity.

Perimeter Control
Get an paramount 360º panoramic view to defend vulnerable sites from vandalism, terrorism, and other kinds of trespass. 


Unmanned applications (UGV/USV)
Our MICRO RUGGED cameras are a perfect driving vision platform for unmanned vehicles due to its small form factor and superior video quality. 



SAFEDRIVE OEM Applications